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Pujya Doss

How we crafted Pujya Doss's Professional Branding Portfolio




Pujya Doss


App Development


Pujya Doss, a LinkedIn Copywriter & Ghostwriter, lacked a professional online portfolio to showcase her services effectively. The absence of a dedicated landing page hindered her ability to attract potential clients and showcase her expertise.


We conducted detailed discussions with Pujya Doss to understand her branding goals, target audience, and service offerings. We analyzed industry trends and competitor portfolios to identify opportunities for differentiation. Our team collaborated closely with Pujya Doss to design a personalised landing page that reflects her unique style and expertise.


Optimising the landing page for search engine visibility and lead generation.

Incorporating responsive design elements to ensure compatibility across devices.

Creating a visually compelling and informative landing page within a limited space.

Ensuring seamless integration of portfolio samples, client testimonials, and contact information.


We developed a sleek and professional landing page for Pujya Doss, highlighting her services, achievements, and client testimonials. We employed engaging visuals, concise copywriting, and clear calls-to-action to drive user engagement and conversions. The landing page was optimised for search engines and designed to provide a seamless browsing experience across desktop and mobile devices.

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