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From Bland to Brand: 8 Questions to Ask Before Your Website Revamp


Your website is the digital face of your business, and a well-designed website can make a lasting impression on your audience. But if your website is outdated, difficult to navigate, or simply not aligned with your brand, it might be time for a revamp.

Before you dive into a website redesign, it’s crucial to ask yourself some essential questions. These questions will help you align your website’s goals with your business objectives, understand your target audience, and create a website that effectively communicates your brand message.


Here are eight questions to ask before your website revamp:


What are your business goals for the website?

Your website should support your overall business goals, whether it’s increasing online sales, generating leads, or building brand awareness. Understanding your business goals will guide the design, content, and functionality of your website.


Who is your target audience?

Knowing your target audience is essential for creating a website that resonates with them. Consider their demographics, interests, pain points, and needs, and ensure your website addresses these factors.


What makes your brand unique?

Your website should reflect your brand personality, values, and differentiators. Consider what sets you apart from your competitors and how you can communicate that through your website’s design, content, and user experience.


What content do you need on your website?

The content on your website should be informative, engaging, and optimised for search engines. Identify the key pages and content you need to achieve your business goals and create a content plan that aligns with your target audience’s needs and interests.


What is the desired user experience?

Your website’s user experience should be intuitive, engaging, and consistent with your brand. Consider the navigation, layout, and design elements that will make it easy for users to find the information they need and take the desired actions.


What features and functionality do you need?

Your website should have the features and functionality to support your business goals, such as e-commerce capabilities, contact forms, or a blog. Consider the features you need and ensure they are user-friendly web design and aligned with your brand.


What is your budget and timeline?

A website revamp can be a significant investment, so it’s crucial to establish a budget and timeline that works for your business. Consider the website revamp cost associated with design, development, content creation, and ongoing maintenance.


How will you measure success?

Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) will help you measure the success of your website revamp. Consider metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, and user engagement to evaluate the impact of your revamp.



By asking these eight questions before your website revamp, you can create a website that supports your business goals, engages your target audience, and effectively communicates your brand message. A well-planned website revamp can help you stand out from the competition and achieve your online objectives.